ROIG CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS’ basic aims are to achieve complete customer satisfaction and to guarantee occupational health and safety. To achieve this, we comply strictly with all our customers’ requirements as well as the applicable laws and regulations, as well as others specifications committed to by ROIG CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS. Prevention is of the essence on all levels of the organisation, as is improving the day-to-day efficiency and efficacy of all processes in the  interests  of  quality,  the environment  and

occupational health and safety.

To earn our customers’ trust and guarantee adequate health and safety conditions for our workers, ROIG CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS has competent human and technical resources. The company works with a preventive methodology and complies with requirements and objectives to guarantee that it meets its commitments and satisfies the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the company.


– Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015
– Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001:2015




Member of the Catalan Chamber of Works Contractors, Barcelona Contractors Association, and Sabadell Installers’ Association.

Roig construcciones certifications

ROIG, CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS, S.L. also manages the business according to ISO 9001-ISO 14001 standards and encourages the use of planning, control and prevention techniques in quality, environment and safety in order to ensure:
– Quality in the carrying out of works to achieve the established quantitative levels, with strict observance of legal and environmental regulations, within the deadlines agreed.
– Quality of additional services and final delivery in accordance with the guarantees contracted.
– Safe work by applying all the preventive measures associated with risks detected in strict application of Law 31/1995 and associated regulations.
– It analyses and evaluates environmental aspects to identify significant areas, establishing the necessary measures.
– It communicates with stakeholders.
– It minimises waste generation.
ROIG, CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS, S.L. attaches extreme importance to the permanent involvement of  all  its  staff  and  provides

ongoing training, a preventive culture, communication and teamwork. It also encourages active participation when introducing new processes and troubleshooting to achieve continuous improvements to quality, productivity and therefore to the company’s competitiveness. It drives its commitment to continuous improvement of this management system and prevents contamination.
ROIG, CONSTRUCCIONES Y SERVICIOS, S.L also considers that the loyal cooperation of its suppliers of maximum importance, demanding the same degree of professional competence and commitment to occupational health and safety as it does of its employees. They are selected based on an overall evaluation and application of criteria to the organisation and the products and services supplied. This policy is disseminated throughout the organisation, progressively involving the entire workforce through education and training.
The policy is developed by establishing objectives and developing action plans to achieve them, applying an integrated quality and safety management system.