New building of 40 homes in Girona

Collaborative project


New build


40 dwellings





Multi-family building in Girona

It is a multi-family building of new construction, consisting of 40 homes, 40 parking spaces and 40 storage rooms, located on Carrer d’Empúries number 9 in Girona. For this project, ROIG works collaboratively with the architect Luis Turrens of the Arc World Arquitectura studio.

The building consists of 1 basement, 1 ground floor and 4 floors, with walkable roof. In the basement there are 33 parking spaces and 12 storage rooms. From Carrer d’Empúries you can access the ground floor by pedestrian, consisting of 4 homes with 2 bedrooms, 27 storage rooms, 7 parking spaces, 1 multipurpose room and wardrobes and meters of facilities.

On the 4 floors there are 5 homes with 2 bedrooms, 3 with 3 bedrooms and 1 with 4 bedrooms. Finally, the covered floor will be a walkable community area for the location of general facilities: telecommunications, outdoor aerothermal machines, ventilation ducts, chimneys and clothesline area.

All homes are equipped with bathrooms, with toilets, taps, shower trays, screens and sinks, kitchens, with furniture, countertops, appliances and fitted wardrobes. The walls of the bathrooms will be covered with pieces of porcelain stoneware. The general flooring will be of anti-impact laminated parquet and that of the bathroom and kitchen of porcelain stoneware, as well as the terraces and balconies, which, in turn, will have fixed aluminum lattices.

Foundation and structure

The project contemplates the previous cleaning of the land and the excavation for the general recess of the basement by mechanical means, once the concrete screen walls and mortar-based raincoats have been made, for their drainage.

ROIG will carry out a reticular slab of the poured and vibrated concrete structure with structural joints, solid reinforced concrete slab and stair slab, also made of reinforced concrete. The interior partitions, made of plasterboard plates, will have a galvanized steel profile structure.

The roof stands out for being flat, passable, non-ventilated, with fixed flooring, inverted type and with a slope of 1% to 5% with the aim that its use is for private pedestrian traffic.

Characteristics of the façade

The self-supporting ventilated façade will be made of exposed brick with Geohidrol’s GHAS system, with thermal insulation by mineral wool panel. The rear façade will also be made of brick coated with SATE, StoTherm Classic system of the STO house, with thermal insulation on the outside with ETICS system and Stolit K reinforced organic plaster finish.

Energy efficiency

Aerothermal equipment will be installed for the production of energy and DHW (sanitary water), heating and cooling through individual ducts for each home.

The ventilation of the houses will be carried out according to the parameters of the CTE. All will have a mechanical ventilation network with a simple individualized flow system, hygrorregulable, high energy efficiency.

In addition, to comply with Article 105 of the Building Ordinances of Girona City Council, homes that do not have cross ventilation will have an air renewal system by means of a heat recovery.

All this, with the aim of achieving greater energy savings and greater versatility at different times of the year with a simplification of the facilities, improving the comfort and needs of the tenants.