Façade renovation of the Greda School Institute in Olot

Next Generation Funds








4 months


Olot, Girona
Renovation of the façade

The Greda School Institute in Olot has once again relied on the services of ROIG to carry out new adaptations of its spaces. On this occasion, it is the complete renovation of the façade of the building that includes the replacement of exterior metal carpentry, solar protection installations and cladding of the SATE façade to ensure an energy improvement.

School building in use

One of the challenges is to carry out the renovation works with the school year underway, without disturbing the proper functioning of the school and guaranteeing the safety of students and workers.

Next Generation Funds

It is a public works reform managed through the European Next Generation funds. One of the main objectives of this project is to improve energy efficiency. To this end, the building will be equipped with more efficient closures, incorporating a solar irradiation control system by means of adjustable slats on the south façade and carrying out an ETIS cladding on the façades, since the original ones, despite having an air chamber, do not have thermal insulation.

The ROIG team will install ETIS insulation to prevent the appearance of thermal bridges in the building, so that heat losses in winter and cold in summer will be avoided. This insulation will not only promote comfort inside the building, but will also have a positive impact on a reduction in the amount of the bill.

The total surface area of the façade that will be affected by the work is 1,641m2.