We focus on the construction and
construction and refurbishment of private and retail spaces

We have a culture focused on people and the quality of what we do. We offer a win-win relationship to our clients, and we want to be proud of what we offer our society: sustainable buildings and spaces where people will work, live and enjoy themselves, now and in the future.

Julio Pérez Redondo

General Manager


At ROIG we cover all areas of building. At new construction, we offer a comprehensive service starting with the study of the the project, the planning of the work and its subsequent execution, managing totally all the phases of a project using the collaborative construction methodology.


More than 90,000 m2 of work executed in the last 3 years

More than 1,500 actions under construction

Comprehensive management of all phases of a Project

We comprehensively manage all phases of the project. Our additional value stems from the application of our own methodology: collaborative construction allows us to guarantee the quality, cost and deadlines of each project by involving all the stakeholders in the project.

Public construction projects

ROIG has experience in Public construction projects. We fulfil all the technical-administrative and sustainable contracting requirements, as well as the economic solvency demanded by public authorities. To these, we add the application of BIM methodology in construction projects.

In this regard, ROIG’s philosophy based on collaborative construction and LEAN Construction, already involves the use of BIM methodology on the construction works, due to its exhaustive control and its consequent advantages in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Industrialised construction

One of Roig’s commitments is to move towards one of the market trends, industrialised construction, which uses innovative techniques and processes, where industrially manufactured and assembled components are transported to the final location and placed there.

In industrialised construction, design and production processes are automated to increase quality, reduce time and positively impact efficiency.


ROIG’s services include the rehabilitation of façades (both internal and external), the integral rehabilitation of buildings, (whether upgrades of spaces or adaptations for a different use).

We adapt to the definition of each project, providing our experience depending on its use: residential, hospitality, educational, socio-sanitary, hotel, office or commercial, etc.

We are experts in the rehabilitation of historic buildings, which generally require detailed and expert work to return them their original character.


More than 1,500 works in the last 5 years

Structural consolidations

Changes of use of existing buildings

Rehabilitation of façades

Integral rehabilitations

Experts in restoration of historic buildings


ROIG’s beginnings are closely linked to the field of retail in bank offices, which is why we offer all our know-how to adapt interior spaces with comprehensive solutions.

We are specialists in complex projects with minimum interference in the activity so that business can continue while the work is being carried out, without interruptions and meeting the agreed deadlines.

Within this activity, territorial framework agreements stand out, both in Spain and Portugal, to rehabilitate the offices of some of our most outstanding clients.


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Comprehensive management in all phases of the project

Identification of commercial establishments

Management of licences and authorisations

Technical coverage of the project

Design of spaces

Construction work development