Boehringer canteen refurbishment

Integral reform cafeteria and dining room


Retail. Corporate building




February 2022



Prat de la Riba, 50. Sant Cugat del Vallès
Integral reform Boehringer canteen

This is the refurbishment project of the canteen located in the office building of Boehringer, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

The purpose of this project is the integral reform of the area dedicated to the dining room and cafeteria of the employees, existing on the ground floor of this building and with a total area of 663m2, between the interior and the exterior terraces.

It was about carrying out a new redistribution of spaces, as well as the modernization and improvement of the space. Also part of this reform is the space located outside the building as an exempt piece called Coffee Corner.

For this, false ceilings, coatings, carpentry, installations and existing interior doors have been eliminated to place a new decorative sound-absorbent false ceiling and plasterboard, as well as new divisions, coatings, carpentry, doors and new electrical and fire protection installations.

Commitment to sustainability

As relevant data and to take into account for the realization of the works, this building is currently in the process of certification according to the sustainable certification system LEED® v4 for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, as part of the commitment of the property towards sustainability.