CAP Roquetes

Expansion of the Primary Care Center


Rehabilitation / Sanitary


1.106 m2




8 months


Roquetes (Tarragona)
CAP Roquetes Expansion

The ROIG team has started working on the expansion of the Primary Care Center (CAP) located in Roquetes (Tarragona) with the aim of improving its functionality, construction and image. To carry out this project ROIG works collaboratively with the architect Cantallops-Vicente Arquitectes, S3E ingeniería, NOLAC and Think in Lean for the implementation of the LEAN Construction work methodology.

The building, which includes ground floor, first floor, second floor and roof, will maintain its volume, but the occupied layout and the roof terraces and facilities will be adjusted to improve accessibility and provide greater comfort and flexibility interior uses.

To do this, the volume of the bridge will be reduced, minimizing the impact and screen effect of the access patio. The compact volume will be diluted with the solid effect and transparencies on the façade of the terraces, thus reducing the acoustic incidence of the air conditioning machinery and hiding the photovoltaic field of the roof.

Improve functionality and internal organization

ROIG plans to modify the access to the lobby so that it is more clearly integrated into the new volumetry and thus allows a more intuitive and direct entrance. In addition, the entire outdoor space will be paved as an exterior lobby.

On the other hand, the volume of the communication corridor between the existing building and the extension will be reduced by one floor, transferring the roof surface to the space destined for uses. In this way, the climb of the staircase on the second floor will be modified, placing it next to the elevator box. At the back of the elevator there will be a vertical patio for the facilities that connect directly with the roof, where the air conditioning equipment and air renewal machines will be placed.

On the second floor, the distribution of the meeting room will be changed so that it has access to the terrace and can be used, independently, as a complementary space to the occupational workshop room. The redistribution of the staff dressing rooms will allow the installation of a bathroom adapted for general use.

Industrialization of the façade

From the prefabricated concrete structure of the clinics, the entire structure of the building will be organized and also the consultation module. The works on the façade will be carried out immediately after executing the structure and once the waterproofing of the roof has been done. They will be executed externally with prefabricated ‘sandwich’ façade systems mechanically anchored to the previously placed concrete structure. The installation of panels on the outside will avoid thermal bridges and ensure a good finish on the joints.

In coordination with the Institut Català de la Salut

For the realization of the work, ROIG will coordinate with the technical-writing team and the
Institut Català de la Salut
(ICS), following a work schedule in which the calendar of meetings, dates and content will be indicated. This will be adjusted to the needs of the property to meet the quality of the design, technical suitability, economic possibility, ease of maintenance, replaceability, resistance to use, adaptability to changes in operation, comfort for users and protection against vandalism.