Cartagena 230 Building



Rehabilitación / Edificio residencial


1.788 M2


November 2020


15 months


C/ Cartagena, 230. Barcelona
A few steps from the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Working together with the prestigious  NUVO Barcelona, at Roig we assumed the project for the complete refurbishment and change of use of an office building to transform it into a multi-family building with 14 dwellings, equipped with high-energy efficiency.

In addition to carrying out structural consolidation and foundation work, this project was special as our aim was to create avant-garde housing, with its own personality and high design and excellent quality finishes, aimed at foreign investors. With great attention to detail and preserving the original essence of the building, the refurbishment consisted of a modernization of the façade, installations, design, and distribution.

The penthouses have 360º views over the whole of Barcelona, the Agbar Tower, the sea, as well as the façade of the Birth of the Sagrada Familia, the oldest and most modernist part of this architectural jewel.

Like all avant-garde buildings, ROIG implemented aerothermal systems to provide the homes with maximum energy efficiency and minimum consumption. Aerothermics is a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of the energy from the ambient air free of charge. Aerothermal systems are state-of-the-art heat pumps designed to provide cooling in summer, heating in winter and hot water all year round.

These homes have also been equipped with Panasonic’s Smart Cloud home automation system, which gives the user full control over all the installations, from a Smartphone or PC. With a simple click, the user receives real-time status updates of the installed units, preventing breakdowns and optimizing costs.

In line with our commitment to the environment, many factors related to energy and comfort – heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting… – were taken into account for the refurbishment of this building, which has led to it obtaining a B energy classification, meaning a reduction of around 70% in energy consumption. In addition, this new project has obtained the highest classification in terms of CO2 emissions.


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