Grup Peralada Building





1.200 M2


February 2021


3 months


Pere II de Montcada
Roig's team refurbished the façade and waterproofed the roof of a historic building located on Carrer Pere II de Montcada in Barcelona.

This is the Peralada Group‘s corporate building, listed as Historical Heritage and therefore protected. The refurbishment has been carried out in great detail, with the aim of ensuring that the building’s historic image is not altered and that it retains all its attributes. To carry out this restoration, the Roig team has used materials such as lime for the cladding of the building and silicate paint for the finishes. All this, following the prescriptions indicated by the heritage technicians of Barcelona City Council in terms of materials and colours, in order to respect the original building.

Silicate paint has been chosen because of its high permeability to water vapour and its excellent resistance to degradation caused by atmospheric agents and to the development of microorganisms on the painted surface. This type of exterior paint, thanks to its high hiding power, is highly suitable for the restoration of old façades. The durability of these paints is unequalled, they do not flake or degrade in the sun, and they perfectly manage atmospheric phenomena such as humidity and rain. As a result, façades painted with silicate paints remain unalterable for longer, preventing microorganisms such as dust, fungus, mould, etc. from adhering to them.

In order to compensate the deterioration that the passage of time has produced in the façade to be restored, it has been covered with lime as it offers a high degree of breathability, providing an improvement in the habitability of the building. This cladding also offers innumerable advantages for the building’s workers, as it allows for a natural renewal of the interior air. Lime is a material that has traditionally been used for façade cladding due to its high breathability to water vapour, while preventing the appearance of damp. This material can be used in restoration and rehabilitation as well as in new construction.

To carry out these adaptations, in the initial phases, a 1,400m2 scaffolding was installed covering the entire vertical face to be restored.

As for the waterproofing, Roig used a waterproofing treatment for one of the terraces most deteriorated by the passage of time, located on the south façade of the building, with the aim of preventing rainwater and humidity from penetrating. Translated with (free version)


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