Expansion of CAP L’Ametlla de Mar

Renovation of sanitary facilities


Rehabilitation / Sanitary


1.000 m2




8 months


L'Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona)
Expansion of CAP L'Ametlla de Mar

ROIG has started the project to expand the current health facilities of the L’Ametlla de Mar Primary Care Center (Tarragona). To carry out this project ROIG works collaboratively with the team of Cantallops-Vicente Arquitectes, S3E ingeniería, NOLAC and Think in Lean for the implementation of the LEAN Construction work methodology.

New volume and distribution

The building currently has a ground floor and first floor. The new design foresees projecting a new volume of ground floor, first floor, second floor and covered floor. The upper floors will be used for multipurpose consultations, with a central waiting space connected to the library on the first floor and the multipurpose room on the second floor.

The works also include significant modifications to the entrance, the core of the staircase and the elevator, with the aim of guaranteeing universal accessibility to the center.

To do this, the entrance ramp will be moved, placing it at the minimum point of unevenness of the street. This position will allow a visual continuity with the exterior and from the new waiting hall. The Elevator and staircase core It will be placed at the end of the enlargement, the reception It will be installed so that you have visual control of the entrance and access to the main lobby, while the gymnasium It will be transformed into a large open space in which personalized treatment boxes will be located. Finally, the dressing rooms and storage spaces will be in the central area, in connection with the reception and the offices, with light and exterior views.

Commitment to the mixed construction system

The new area of the CAP L’Ametlla de Mar will consist of retaining walls, in situ foundations and industrialized slab of honeycomb slabs. The pavement will be terrazzo. ROIG will also carry out a mixed construction system for the facades, combining continuity and materials similar to the existing ones, with a more efficient solution on the upper floors. The finishes will have inverted insulation type SATE.

The prefabricated construction system of honeycomb plates allows to have all the free height without interruptions by girders, which facilitates the optimal layout of the facilities and spaces with greater height and without false ceilings.

An innovative project focused on environmental quality

The energy consumption is expected to be covered with the installation of a photovoltaic roof with injection system 0, which will allow 100% of self-consumption.

The offices are designed so that, starting from the dimension of the plates of the prefabricated concrete structure of 1.20m, the entire structure of the building and the consultation module are organized, which will have an interaxis distance of 3.60m, thus adapting to the width prescribed by the Catalan Health Service (CATSALUT).

This will allow the ROIG team to modulate the façade with sandwich panel closures, false ceilings and closures between consultations.

LEAN methodology

For the realization of the work, ROIG will apply the Think In Lean Methodology. A dynamic already common in the company with which, in collaboration with all the agents that will participate in the development of this project, will allow them to meet all their time and quality objectives.

In coordination with the Institut Català de la Salut

ROIG will coordinate with the technical-editorial team and the
Institut Català de la Salut
(ICS), following a work schedule in which the calendar of meetings, dates and content will be indicated. This will be adjusted to the needs of the property to meet the quality of the design, technical suitability, economic possibility, ease of maintenance, replaceability, resistance to use, adaptability to changes in operation, comfort for users and protection against vandalism.