Interior renovation Regina Carmeli School

In Rubí




In phases


September 2023


2 months


Rubí (Barcelona)
Interior refurbishment of the Primary and Secondary building of the Regina Carmeli School in Rubí

The ROIG team has started working on the improvement works and the interior reform of the Regina Carmeli School, located at Carrer San Sebastià, 34 de Rubí (Barcelona), with the aim of turning the space into a Flexible and versatile center and be able to adapt the Current and future pedagogical projects. To this end, educational spaces will be reorganized to respond to the needs of the school, movements, circulation and exchanges that occur during school hours.

Intervention in different phases

The project will be carried out in several phases. The first will take place this summer and covers the ground floor, much of the entrance area and a small area of the first floor. The following improvement actions, also awarded to the ROIG team, will continue in different non-school periods of the center.

Improvements to update the center to the new pedagogical practices

Currently, on the ground floor is located the administration area, the offices, the concierge, the laboratory, the robotics room and two classrooms of first grade. Thanks to its relocation, three offices or meeting rooms will be achieved, expanding the surface of the laboratory and the library, which will also act as a multipurpose space, through mobile panels. This implies improvements to develop pedagogical practices, group work or seminars.

The laboratory will leave space for three meeting rooms delimited with glass partitions, generating a visual from the entrance and an intermediate space of passage or waiting. The laboratory will be located in the current robotics classroom, increasing its surface.

The two classrooms of the first year of Primary will be replaced by the library, thanks to a minimum intervention of vertical separations, with which a transversal step will be obtained, from the underground floor to the courtyard. On the other hand, the space in front will be delimited, which is currently passing through, but which will act as an extension space for the library.

New dividers and distribution

To carry out the interior reform, two façade openings will be affected by two new dividers (the plasterboard closure of the laboratory and the glass closure of the library).

As for the exterior carpentry, the fixed windows will be made of glass with a wooden frame, as well as the new double swing balcony. The interior will have glass screens on laminated wooden frames and varnished finishes. The doors will be of swinging leaves with tilting windows of red pine wood and glass.

In order to delimit the routes of the exit, a double door will be incorporated in the corridor where the classrooms are located. This space, which will be treated in later phases, will generate a more diaphanous and open area.

In addition, in order to eliminate the two primary classrooms from the entrance area, on the first floor the dividing line between the two splitting classrooms will be demolished to place the remaining sixth grade classroom, redistributing the courses of all classrooms.

The vertical and horizontal interior compartmentalization will be carried out with laminated gypsum boards formed by a simple structure, with galvanized steel plate profiles.

Changing installation systems

ROIG will dismantle the radiators, pipes and heating accessories, to install an electric one. Likewise, existing facilities will be adapted to new needs.