Multi-family building Tetuan 31

Partial rehabilitation of the building and relocation of one floor






December 2021


6 months



Partial refurbishment of a multi-family residential building of AAA Barcelona located in Plaza Tetuan 31 in Barcelona. Construction of a new floor and complete renovation of the common areas, elevator, facades and patios.

New back

As a particularity, ROIG has had to face the project to build a new plant in this building that initially had PB + 5.

The main factor in any project goes back is the weight that the new construction adds to the existing structure.

The existing structure consists of solid brick brick walls 30 cm thick on the façade and 15 cm on the interior and party walls.

On the main façade, there are a total of 4 perpendicular walls; the two party walls and the load-bearing walls of the core of stairs and patio. At the back, we find a longitudinal wall and parallel walls on the main and rear façade. The horizontal structure of the building is composed of unidirectional slabs of metal beams.

ROIG has built the back with lightweight, metallic and prefabricated structure, modular, covered with a light finish with SWH sandwich panels. The plant has been designed as an addition of similar modules, in such a way that they can resemble dry on site.

For the implementation of the backdrop that makes up the fourth floor, the roof roof has been eliminated before, raising directly on the slab joists by means of conejeros partitions parallel to the joists, and keeping the slab in the terrace area.

At present, the building in question has a total of 11 residential homes, with the installation of air conditioning and heating, by heat pump.

The most remarkable feature of the renovated apartment is the huge living room. Amplitude and height of ceilings, with Catalan vault carefully recovered. It also has a kitchen perfectly designed and equipped with everything you need, as well as two bathrooms.


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