Pau Casals Museum Restoration

Historical building






April 2022


7 months


Sant Salvador (El Vendrell)
Pau Casals Museum Restoration

ROIG has carried out the restoration project of the Pau Casals Museum, managed by the Pau Casals Foundation, located in the town of Sant Salvador (El Vendrell).

Among the tasks carried out is the historical rehabilitation of the interior space of the house museum, the restoration of the viewpoint and the remodeling of the private park-garden of public access, in which the irrigation, lighting and security facilities have been renewed and a replanting of trees and plants has been carried out, following the original design of the Noucentista concept.

Air conditioning and humidity control, one of the biggest challenges of the work

Being a museum, whose main objective is to preserve and disseminate the life, work and musical and humanistic legacy of Pau Casals, through an extensive artistic and documentary heritage that is preserved in it, air conditioning, indoor air treatment and humidity control have been key in preserving all that material and, therefore, one of the great challenges of this work.

Likewise, the ROIG team has faced a historical space that has had to be thoroughly rehabilitated taking into account the materials used in order that the historical image of the building is not altered and retains all its attributes.

As for the façade, lime paints and treatments against humidity have been used since this space is very close to the sea.


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