Refurbishment of offices in Barcelona

Paseo de Gracia




2 floors


December 2023


6 months


Refurbishment of offices Paseo de Gracia

This is the renovation of floors 1 and 6 of one of the office buildings located in the central Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona.

ROIG has been the company awarded to execute the interior refurbishment works of the offices of these two floors of the building that must be carried out within a maximum period of six months, so that it affects as little as possible to the day to day of the building.

Among the actions to be carried out ROIG has already begun the removal of the existing carpet/vinyl flooring on the false raised floor, as well as the demolitions of the existing pavement inside the offices, the false ceiling, the interior partitions, the coatings in vertical walls and the demolition of all the existing facilities inside the offices (electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, sanitation, etc.).

Once the relevant demolitions are completed, ROIG will begin the complete reform of floors 1 and 6 that include the coating of the vertical walls with porcelain stoneware; the supply and installation of acoustic insulation on the lower face of the slab, the inner lining with smooth acrylic plastic paint, as well as the outer cladding with lime mineral exterior paint. It is also planned to install new toilets, new carpentry with acoustic and thermal insulation and renovation of all facilities.