Rehabilitation of the Giralt Building

Turn it into a supermarket






September 2022


8 months


Integral refurbishment

We have already started the works of integral rehabilitation by change of use of the Giralt Building, of Activ-Group. This building, located in Terrassa, until now housed a car dealership and, after the reform, will become a large supermarket with parking.

It is a three-storey building, 4,000m2 each plus a basement of 1,200m2. A supermarket will be located on the ground floor and on the upper floors will be the parking; in P1 it will be covered; and in P2 it will be outdoors. On the semi-basement floor there will be parking spaces and storage rooms for rent for the neighbors of the neighborhood.

For a project of this magnitude, the ROIG team has initially had to carry out different Earthworks for the creation of the new concrete slabs, as well as the relevant Demolitions by robots to finish with the beams that were present in the building and that, due to structural changes, had to disappear. All this has been carried out in the most meticulous way possible to guarantee the safety of the building, as well as the personnel working on the site.

Once the demolitions have been carried out, all the structural reinforcement of pillars, enclosures is being carried out, as well as the creation of new foundations, slabs, new stairs, fire blocks and the structure to install the mechanical ramps that will give access to the different floors of the supermarket.

After making all the structures and supports, ROIG will take care of all the finishes of the semi-basement floor, the supermarket with its corresponding ventilation, electrical installation, pavements, etc.


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