Adaptation of an office in Barcelona

Calle Llacuna, 56-70, Barcelona




395 m2




2 months



ROIG has already started the works of adaptation of an office plant in Llacuna Street, 56-70 in Barcelona, owned by the real estate company Colonial. Some actions that focus on office number 1 on the third floor of Building A, with an area of 395m2, including common toilet area.

The works consist of the dismantling of technical floors, partitions and false ceilings to adapt them to the new provision of LEED compliance, both in the demolition of the existing ones and in the new incorporation of materials in the new adaptation.

The civil works are the new image in common areas in terms of vertical and horizontal coatings with quality ceramic elements and that meet the environmental requirements required in a gold leed certification.

As for the facilities, which are also affected in this remodeling, the climate and lighting are the important points to renovate, installing new interior air conditioning units and BMS control system to meet the standards.

The lighting is also renewed, integrated into the ERCO metal roof system, with Phillips elements and Dali control system and connection to BMS of the building. In this way we also support the environmental and energy saving certification that this adaptation of the space pursues.

The purpose of this action is to adapt the existing space to the new standards of energy saving and sustainability pursued by LEED and in which ROIG is fully committed. Once the intervention is finished, this space will be prepared for its subsequent commercialization.