Coworking Reform Madrid

School of Engineering and Industrial Design of Madrid






August 2023



New Coworking at the Higher Technical School of Engineering and Industrial Design

This is the adaptation of a new Coworking on the -1 floor of the building of the Higher Technical School of Engineering and Industrial Design (ETSIDI) belonging to the Polytechnic University of Madrid, located in Ronda de Valencia, 3 of the capital. To carry out this project, ROIG works collaboratively with the architects Jose Antonio Fernandez Pacheco and Fernando Gil Castillo.

New volume and distribution

This project tries to continue with the development of the idea that was born under the name of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory that is launched in the Higher Technical School of Engineering and Industrial Design (ETSIDI) and that began with the renovation of the different dependencies of the basement such as the audiovisual rooms and the language classroom. The transfer of the old maintenance workshop, adjacent to the aforementioned spaces, allows the use of a surface that, without interruption, links perfectly with them. This new space will serve as a coworking: a common area of coexistence and collaborative learning between students, graduates and companies.

Structural adaptations and new slabs

To this end, the ROIG team has made adaptations to the structure including the removal of all obsolete or unnecessary facilities, the dismantling of sanitary appliances and plumbing from the existing changing rooms, as well as the demolition of the partitions, the ramp of the old workshop and its slab, a small existing warehouse and the access ramp from the elevator. Likewise, a new slab has been made to match the height of the entire coworking and a new partition with double hollow brick or Pladur plate.

In terms of installations, new ones have been created for heating, air conditioning, electrical, sound and data installation and a new plumbing installation in the new changing rooms. In addition to new lighting systems with luminaires with LED technology.

For the finishes, ROIG has covered the new partitions by laying plaster and tiling in toilets, a preparation of flooring has been carried out by leveling layers, installing new PVC floors and painting dark blue the slabs and installations seen and painting in vertical and horizontal walls. Pladur false ceilings and special plates for sound absorption type Armstrong have also been installed.

Finally, wooden elements have been installed in vertical walls and Stadip glass, wood carpentry and automatic opening glass doors.