Escola Pia – Balmes Street

Comprehensive school reform


Rehabilitation. School


900 m2


September 2019


3 months


C/ Balmes, Barcelona

Adaptation and reform of the interior of the Escola Pia Balmes in which the integral reform of the school was carried out.

A retail team of the company, specialized in short-term works, is in charge of this type of projects that take place during the summer. In just two months -July and August-, all the adaptations planned in a school must begin and end, without possible delays, since the month of September marks the deadline and the beginning of the school year.

These projects are characterized by making a change of image of the interior spaces generating new work areas. Wood carpentry, vertical cladding, vinyl flooring, lighting and furniture play a very important role.

The summer campaign is a challenge in itself, not only because of the fact of having a whole professional team in charge, but also because of the added complication of getting all the materials and orders on time for the agreed deadlines to be met. At this point, the organization and coordination between all parties is key to successfully achieving the delivery of this type of reform.