Expansion of the CAP of Centelles





200 m2




8 months


Centelles (Barcelona)

After the concession of the works in the Primary Care Center (CAP) located in Torroella de Montgrí, the ROIG team has also won the public works concession to expand the CAP located, in this case, in Centelles (Barcelona). Currently, the team is in the collaborative phase with Lluis Cantallops for the drafting of the executive project.

The expansion of the current sanitary facilities, with a new consultation module of industrialized construction type, are some of the elements covered by this public works project. Specifically, ROIG will build 4 new consultations, 2 of them for general medicine and the other 2 for nursing, as well as a space where the waiting rooms will be located.

Improve functionality

ROIG plans to build this new space, located in the current garden of the CAP, making use of the industrialized construction system to generate a new volume.

The annex will be born in the current courtyard of the center and will create a new façade of consultations with views to the outside. In addition, the new waiting rooms will be located right next to the current ones to provide more space to this area.

Commitment to the industrialized construction system

The expansion of the CAP Centelles is carried out by means of modular prefabricated pieces to speed up the assembly, with the dry technique, in addition to facilitating the transport and ensuring the speed in the execution.

All these works will be carried out in compliance with safety, facilities and energy efficiency regulations. In that sense, photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof of the new volume.

LEAN methodology

For the realization of the work, ROIG will apply the Think in LEAN Methodology. A dynamic already common in the company with which, in collaboration with all the agents that will participate in the development of this project, will allow them to meet all their time and quality objectives. During all phases of the project, regular planning will be carried out, with the aim of obtaining solutions before the deadline and thus ensuring the optimal progress of the works.


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