Flagship BBVA Reus

REUS, 2019




1.400 M2


January 2019


5 months


Plaça Prim, Reus
On this occasion, Roig's objective was the complete refurbishment of a bank branch of the BBVA bank, located in the centre of Reus (Tarragona).

One of the main challenges was to carry out the works while the bank branch was in operation, so the interventions had to be carried out quickly and accurately so as not to interrupt the daily activity of both the bank’s employees and customers.

A new design and interior design was implemented in this branch that showed the new corporate image of BBVA’s Blue Branch offices, mega-branches with a powerful brand image and highly digitalised, which the bank is implementing throughout the territory, focused on financial advice with more personalised attention.

This is the bank’s Flagship branch in Reus, whose refurbishment work took up both the ground floor and the first floor. The most unique part of the project resided in the central part of the office, where there is a double height of ground floor and first floor crowned by a skylight. This is a very special point, as this double height enhances the lighting fixtures and the projected false ceiling of louvres. The porticoes that generate this double space were also adapted to this new image with which the bank wishes to identify itself.