Torre Diagonal Renovation

New facilities






December 2023


5 months


Comprehensive refurbishment of the facilities of the Torre Diagonal building

The ROIG team is working on the renovation project of the facilities on the ground floor, first floor and second floor of the Torre Diagonal office building, located at 168-170 Balmes Street in Barcelona.

The project has been designed by the Batlle i Roig architecture studio and will be meticulously carried out with the choice of high quality materials, while maintaining the essence of the building, such as the impressive spiral staircase that connects the floors. ROIG will work on the renovation of 1800m2 and the times are a challenge, as it should be completed in just 5 months.

New facilities

The project includes the installation of low-voltage electrical equipment on all floors of the building. Each plant will have an independent supply with its corresponding meter.

In the first phase, the measuring equipment will be installed and the communication between meters will be wired, leaving them ready for the communication of the building’s variables. In a second phase, they will be integrated into the centralised management platform to have the reading of electrical variables (energy and power) or the control of energy management and cost. In addition, in this second phase, water meters will also be installed to control consumption, management and energy costs.

Centralized management

Lighting, air conditioning and ventilation will be controlled by a control system based on intelligent controllers. In the first phase, the planned controllers will be installed and programmed for automatic operation in each of the plants. In a second phase, state-of-the-art controllers will be integrated into the centralized management platform.

All these controllers will make it possible, for example, to control the operating hours of the air conditioning machines during the period of autonomous operation, a perimeter control of the lighting with the contribution of natural light or the relative humidity in the air.

An installation system designed for energy saving

The new lighting network will be created following the criteria for the construction of new public buildings. In this sense, an energy-saving system has been designed thanks to the installation of LED luminaires and taking into account the use of natural light.

Given the construction characteristics of the building and the use to which it will be put, an air conditioning installation has been designed that will offer the maximum advantages of thermal comfort, energy savings and flexibility in terms of the production of cold and heat in each room.

On the other hand, the building will have a ventilation system to provide sufficient external air flow to avoid, in the different areas where some activity is carried out, the formation of high concentrations of pollutants. The air will be renewed between 10 and 25% approximately every hour.

In addition, the audiovisual facilities will be adapted to the new distribution of the offices and the analogue fire detection system will be replaced by another with visual and acoustic alarm elements, adapted to current regulations and for users with visual or hearing limitations.

After five months of work, the works will be completed in 2023.