47 Subsidized housing, Barcelona

Aimed at the elderly




3930 m2




9 months


Completion of public housing in Barcelona

It involves the construction of 47 housing units for the elderly, along with two floors of parking, and a Casal de Gent Gran, located at 142 Viladomat street in Barcelona.

On this occasion, ROIG will be in charge of the completion of this work, which is already in the phase of installations, façade enclosures and finishes. The aim is to complete the work as quickly as possible to the complete satisfaction of the IMHAB (Municipal Institute of Housing and Rehabilitation of Barcelona).

Public Works Project

This public works project includes the construction of a building with a ground floor plus a mezzanine and 6 floors. In addition, a car park is developed located on the 2 floors below ground. There are basically three different uses throughout the building: housing for the elderly, a centre for the elderly and parking. On the 6 floors, there is the use destined for the 47 sheltered homes, of which two of them are adapted homes.

The ground floor is intended for access to the homes and the use of equipment for the elderly. On the mezzanine floor, the rest of the center’s program for the elderly is completed. Finally, the two underground floors are used for parking with 15 spaces in the basement -1 and 18 spaces in the basement -2.

The work is expected to be completed in 9 months.