ROIG begins the process of renewing its fleet of passenger cars with hybrid vehicles.
In accordance to ROIG's commitment with the environment, in 2021 the company has begun the process of renewing its entire fleet of petrol cars and replacing them withhybrid vehicles.

Self-charging hybrid vehicles

This year, 6 new self-charging hybrid cars, namely the Toyota C-HR model, have already been renewed within the company's fleet of technician vehicles as a result of a framework contract with Toyota Fleet Mobility. A hybrid, and in particular a Toyota electric hybrid, is a car powered by two engines of a different nature: an efficient combustion engine on the one hand, and a powerful electric motor on the other. In this way, the car uses or alternates both energy sources to move in a more economical and sustainable way without losing the performance of a traditional vehicle.

The goal: to replace the entire fleet of vehicles.

ROIG's goal is to replace all 20 petrol-powered vehicles currently in the company's fleet within two to three years. This process of renovation and commitment to more sustainable vehicles is part of the environmental improvement objectives set by the company to reduce its energy consumption and its impact on the planet every year. As part of this environmental commitment, ROIG works in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, which promotes environmental protection and pollution prevention. In this way, the company works to optimise resources and waste and reduce the negative impact of its activity.